These intangible assets are a rich source for the company, underscoring its very identity.

They represent the complementarity of our skills in research and development, production methods, advertising strategies and marketing while they reflect our requirements in terms of quality.


SEWOSY® is the company name of the Alsace-based family business, established in 2001 by Jacques Wolff and currently managed by Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff.

This acronym is comprised of three syllables: SE = Security – WO = World – SY = Systems

  • The first two focus on the security sector, alluding to its reach.
  • The third syllable augurs, from the outset, our future direction: the global systems and concept of solutions that will form the basis of our next challenges.

The spelling SEWOSY® is rooted in a graphic arrangement comprising 4 main segments:

  • Blue to represent all of the products included in our offer,
  • Yellow to represent company information,
  • Purple to represent company news,
  • Green to illustrate corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The fifth area in White-Grey shading represents the innovations and development of the future.


CPREG® means adjustable counterplate.

The CPREG® brand groups together our entire electromagnetic strip range.

These aluminium mounts fitted with our VELMAG® suction cups are an all-in-one solution: ambidextrous pull handle with electromagnetic locking.


The brand name DECYL® is the contraction of the french words « découpe » and « cylindre » (cutting and cylinder).

This option designed and machined in France allows to preserve the existing mechanical cylinder, while adding a CPREG® EM handle, thanks to a cut-out done in the handle in our workshops, according to customer’s dimensions.

SEWOSY has created this service to save installers time: no more manual cuttings on the working sites and perfect finishing ensured by an additionnal end cap.

easy install®

As a picture speaks a thousand words…

SEWOSY® has established the easy install® brand; represented by an icon demarcating the products that are the quickest and easiest to install.

This notion arises from a frequent observation: installers expect reliable products that are easy and practical to install, and that have been designed to save them time.

To improve installation convenience, our R&D and technical teams have applied this concept to many different products, leading to their adaptation.


EFLEX®, for “Easy flexible”, is the brand name for our surface-mounted cable duct and its accessories.

Aesthetic, practical and easy to install… Much more than a cable duct: EFLEX®.



MAX FOR YOU® is the brand dedicated to our customer service.

It is a guarantee of the maximum possible involvement that the SEWOSY team shares and delivers in every interaction it has with you, to ensure that your experience is a success.

This priority, that we apply at all levels, allows us to continually expand our offering, improve our openness to customer feedback and adapt our organisation in line with your requests and your expectations. It also solidifies the lasting, personalised relations that we have built with you, as your satisfaction is what drives us and sets us apart.


This name is a contraction of “OPEN AND COUNT”.

OCO® is an all-in-one solution developed and manufactured in France to meet traffic management needs (😉 Covid-19).

Simple and user-friendly, contactless and specially designed for points of sale and ERP, it suitable for buildings up to 2,000m2 (particularly within the framework of the directive of 8m2 per person).


The ROUREG® brand means adjustable roller.

It includes some of our electric strikes characterised by their adjustable half-turn (from 3mm to 4mm) and a reduced opening offset.


SHOK® is the brand name identifying the SEWOSY manual call point range characterised by an exclusive design and as well as many advantages.

Unique on the market, the SHOK® manual call point range developed and assembled in France by SEWOSY, was especially intended to suit the needs of installers. Whatever the situation, they meet perfectly your expectations.


VELMAG® is a contraction of the expression referring to electromagnetic suction cups.

The VELMAG® brand groups together our entire range of electromagnetic suction cups (wall-mounted, built-in, for exterior use and keeping the door open).

Watt’s AD®

Our AD, CCTV, CCTVS power supplies and our DIN rail power supplies are symbolised by the Watt’s AD® brand.

AD indicates that these are circuit-breaking electrical items.

Watt’s alludes to the range of different voltages and other criteria of choice that we offer, a tip of the hat to the English term “What’s”.