1. Company establishment

    SEWOSY’s history begins with its Founder, Jacques Wolff, assisted by his wife, Chantal Wolff.

    Operating in the security, locking, access control and fire protection field for a number of years, they establish SWS.

  2. SEWOSY® Germany and the Netherlands

    The company expands its offering by diversifying its product range and services. SWS becomes SeWoSy and expands in France. Creation of an entity in Germany and one in the Netherlands, contributing towards the development of export in Europe.

  3. Move to Bernolsheim

    Acquisition of a new site in Bernolsheim near to Strasbourg. The growth and market position of the SME solidifies in this more functional building.

  4. Creation of brands

    SEWOSY® fully reveals its role as a manufacturer. Innovation and inventiveness are fuelled by several brand trademark registrations: ROUREG® established in 2005 is the first.

    Others followed: CPREG®, VELMAG®, easy install®, Watt’s AD®, OCO®, MAX FOR YOU®.

    By embodying our range of key products, they offer a distinctive, unique identity, which is easily recognisable.

  5. Establishment of the R&D Department

    The integration of the R&D department consolidates its status as a designer of locks by generating value and providing innovative solutions.

    The development of new products backed by a culture of innovation plays a vital role in breathing life into and upgrading the offering which grows and diversifies.

  6. Establishment of SEWOSY® Malaysia

    The establishment of our own production unit in Selangor allows us to manage and control the production chain in line with our values and criteria, adapt the company’s offer and innovate in line with market needs with a greater level of flexibility.

  7. Full commitment to products manufactured and assembled in France

    Our preference for French know-how steers us towards this approach

    The initiation of this approach allows us to shorten timeframes and circuits, reduce our carbon footprint and favour the adoption of an eco-friendly manufacturing approach.

    VELMAG® electromagnetic locks for keeping doors open developed and assembled at promises initiative this process.

  8. This year was marked by three key events:

    New corporate identity and style guide – INPI Award – Digital transformation

    Realisation of the company’s visual corporate identity and style guide, and a reworked logo.

    An INPI Award for innovation.

    Digital transformation promotes the working comfort of employees (ergonomics, layout, time savings) and contributes to our eco-friendly approach by considerably reducing our consumption of paper and archiving supplies.

  9. Member of BPI Excellence

    Indicates membership to the Bpifrance regional support programme aimed at SMEs with high growth potential, and partnership with the Bpifrance Excellence entrepreneurs network launches.

  10. Creation of the holding company

    J3C Invest was created in December 2014. Its aim is to pool competencies in order to allocate them among the different companies of the group.

    President: Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff – General Manager: Céline Rossdeutsch-Wolff (since 2020)

  11. Purchase of current premises

    The move to Haguenau is an important milestone in the company’s history.

    Spacious premises as well as large storage area offer a pleasant, motivating work setting which also helps us to reach the levels to which we aspire.

    This new organisation of space and logistic helped to improve shipment: orders are shipped before 11:00 a.m.

  12. Company management

    Jacques Wolff, the founding CEO of SEWOSY and J3C Invest passes away on 20 October 2019.

    This great captain of industry hands over the reins to his long-time successor, Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff.

    She now sits at the company helm, assisted by Céline Rossdeutsch-Wolff, Julien Schoettel and Jean-Philippe Schoettel, all with close ties to the industry built over many years.

  13. The future

    « The best way to predict the future is to create it » Peter Drucker

    2020 allowed us to build on 19 years of servicing security by giving this family-run SME new impetus on the back of radical structural changes, the outcome of significant human and material resource investment.

  14. Our 20th anniversary year

    Anniversaries provide the ideal opportunity to celebrate one’s origins, as well as one’s growth.

    We take the opportunity to create a BtoB portal, launch this new website and develop a new general catalogue of an unprecedented level of design and content.