CPREG® strips

My tri-voltage strip isn’t holding.

  • Check its polarity.
  • Check if the cables are wired as per the technical instructions, respecting the input and output of the junction cards.
CPREG® strips and VELMAG® magnetic locks

My magnetic lock or magnetic strip doesn’t hold, but you can feel vibrations on the magnetic body.

  • Check that the current is continuous.
  • This issue can occur when an electric strike is replaced.


My magnetic lock or magnetic strip doesn’t hold properly.

  • Check the power supply.
  • These locking products only work with continuous current.
  • Check the placement of the jumpers (except strips with automatic adaptation to CPREG2NAR voltage).
  • Check whether the power supply is strong enough for the system.
  • Check if the metal and rubber washers are fitted to the back of the counter plate.
  • Check if the alignment between the counter plate and the magnetic body of the magnetic lock are optimally adjusted to ensure maximum hold.
VELMAG® fire magnetic locks

My fire magnetic lock doesn’t hold.

  • Check that the mechanical unlocking button has been installed and wired.


Could the round magnetic lock be detached from the mounting plate?

  • Yes. You just need to unscrew the screw at the back of the plate that holds the mechanical lock.
Code keypad with or without reader

My keypad doesn’t turn on.

  • Check the colour of the black and red wires and not the black / white wire.


My keypad doesn’t unlock my access point.

  • Check if you’ve set up a user code. The default master code 1234 does not allow for unlocking.


My badges aren’t recognised by the reader.

  • Check if the badge’s technology works with that of the reader.
Electric strike

My electric strike with OPEM lever isn’t locking.

  • Check that the lever hasn’t engaged.


My electric strike makes a noise when locking (very strong vibrations).

  • Alternating current supply.


My door open / closed status contact doesn’t toggle.

  • Check whether the contact micro-switch has been correctly installed between the strike plate and the face plate. In cases where the contact still doesn’t toggle, check if the door bolt is pressing correctly against the lever of this micro-switch.


My door locked / unlocked status contact doesn’t toggle.

  • Check whether the counter plate is properly aligned with the body of the magnetic lock.
Electric drop bolt

My electric drop bolt sometimes gets stuck when unlocking.

  • Check whether the counter plate is properly centred compared to the drop bolt. If it is off-centre, the bolt will catch and prevent it from coming out. In addition, the lock must not have any pressure placed on it.