magnetic lock strips: universal use!

This locking product is comprised of two parts: the “handle” part comprising the counter plates, attached to the sash and also serving as a pull handle. The “square” part that houses one or more electromagnetic strips, attached to the fixed frame.

The electromagnetic lock strip is the ideal compromise between built-in magnetic locks which are discreet, and surface-mounted magnetic locks, which are quick to assemble.

With the option to personalise them in most RAL colours, the product is almost invisible when installed. Moreover, it can be easily installed and wired, offering a great time saving, amongst other benefits.

CPREG® benefits :

Aesthetically-pleasing and simple, this universal product is suitable for use by all types of professionals including carpenters, electricians, low current specialists, etc.

No screws are visible when the door is closed. The CPREG® range can be fitted with between 1 and 4 electromagnetic locks for better distribution of load (force exerted vertically), particularly in terms of attempted vandalism.

The option to adjust the CPREG® range’s counter plates allows for specific fine tuning that ensures optimal alignment between the magnetic lock and its counter plate. The magnetic lock strip is optimally adjusted to the height of the door, either by cross-cutting it for the CPREG® 1, 2N and 2NAR versions, or by adding extension kits for the CPREG®4 modular version.

This locking product is available in a general size that varies according to its length. With the new generation of CPREG®4 magnetic locks, this issue has been resolved owing to the modularity of the products, which can easily be transported in the boot of a car!


electromagnetic locks: adjustable for use in different configurations

This locking product which operates during power cuts, is comprised of two sections: the magnetic lock and its counter plate, whose magnetic body is “magnetised”.

There are two distinct families of electromagnetic locks.

Surface-mounted magnetic locks are the best choice for electricians and specialists in the low current domain, as they do not require a cut-out in the door frame.

Built-in magnetic locks: these are the preferred choice for carpenters and locksmiths.

VELMAG® benefits:

Reliable product that is easy to install and adjust.

Depending on the space available in the door frame and the desired result, the number of magnetic locks fitted can be multiplied to increase the holding power, ranging from 150 dsN to more than 500 daN per magnetic lock. The wide selection of magnetic locks ensures that the needs of all trades are catered for.

Depending on the version, the product is specifically designed to be installed at emergency exits. Ensure beforehand that the magnetic lock chosen is compliant with NF S 61-937 or ask your salesperson for advice!

The magnetic lock requires precise adjustment to ensure optimal holding power. In addition, all SEWOSY magnetic locks from the VELMAG® Series offer easy wiring via screw terminal block.


electric strikes, standards, safety electric strikes, etc.

Always linked to the latch bolt, the electric strike is consequently an electromagnetic locking system. This product is generally intended to be installed inside door frames, which requires the preparation of a cut-out (except in the case of surface-mounted strikes).

All door-related trades may be interested in this product, however the electric strike is particularly used by carpenters and locksmiths.

ROUREG® benefits:

ROUREG® (meaning “adjustable roller” in French) Series strikes offer a reduced opening offset and the option of adjusting the latch bolt (depending on the versions from 3mm to 4mm).

Wide selection of different operational modes and many different options covering diverse user needs.

Reliable product that is compact and economical.


An electric strike can operate:
  • As AC/DC current (alternating or continuous current), but that can be supplied continuously, with the supply duration not exceeding 45 seconds.
  • As DC current (only as continuous current) which can be supplied continuously, without any time limit.

As an electromechanical product, the electric strike must be adjusted optimally to fit the counter plate (in this case, a latch bolt).

If not, the products could be placed under strain too quickly, and have issues unlocking. This scenario occurs particularly when the door is working, but is affected by weather conditions.

In addition, the wear and tear on mechanical parts is greater than that of an electromagnetic product.

Choosing the right locking product

A main criterion of choice is the operating mode best suited to the system:

On current emission: locked when on standby, the product unlocks when the power is switched on. This operational mode is especially well suited for the securing of goods, as in the event of power cuts, the doors remain locked.

Current emission with stationary contact: unlocking is triggered by switching on the power and is maintained until the door is opened. As is the case in “with current emission” mode, the product remains locked in standby mode. Also called “twice locking”, this operational mode is mainly used for building entrances.

On power cuts: in this case, it’s the switching on of the power that triggers the locking, and the product remains unlocked in standby mode. This operational mode is especially well suited to the protection of people, where doors remain unlocked in the event of a power cut. Owing to this, most of the products are Standard NF S 61-937 compliant in the event of power cuts.

What types of access points should be secured?

Inside doors:

  • CPREG® strips
  • VELMAG® magnetic locks
  • ROUREG® strikes

Outside doors:

  • VELMAG® magnetic locks
  • EXT Series waterproof strikes

Double action doors:

  • VELMAG® magnetic locks with Shearlock shearing
What level of security is desired?

Doors with selective access:

  • FT Series security strikes

Communal entrance doors:

  • CPREG® strips
  • Built-in VELMAG® magnetic locks

Emergency exists:

  • Certified surface-mounted magnetic locks from the VELMAG® range