Why these videos?

Because we remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see and 70% of what we see and hear at the same time; we are here to guide you in assembling our products.

CPREG®6 - Meet the 6th generation!

CPREG®6 – Meet the 6th generation! Marc Jacobs said “Innovation is an evolutionary process”, an idea we like to apply at SEWOSY.
By listening to you and constantly renewing ourselves, we innovate.
Our new CPREG® 6 comes to life today!


>its trim plate,
>its backlighted area
>and its speaking function (customizable

SHOK® more than a manual call point!

SHOK® more than a manual call point!
Researched & assembled in France, just test it!

Already cult with :
►Double reset (from front or below) unique on the market
►Diamond texture
►Rear key holders
►Pre-drilled cable duct entry
►Changing state LED* or buzzer*

Whatever the situation, you can be sure to meets perfectly your needs.

*Only on versions V3 and V4

More than a doorloop...EFLEX®

More than a doorloop…EFLEX®

The touch of excellence SEWOSY has imagined an innovative and pre-assembled doorloop with all the benefits that make your work easier

So practical, that it is ready to be installed!

OCO®, the solution that counts for you and controls flow

OCO®: a manageable and cost-effective counting system.

Let’s see how to manage the customers’ inflow in your shop! Don’t search much longer! SEWOSY provides the solution… OCO® is counting for you and limits access rights. Watch our video and discover how the OCO® solution works!

Bandeaux électromagnétiques faciles à installer

These aluminum housings are easy to install thanks to their pre-drilled square. Discover how to mount them step by step through our video.

CPREG®-2 electromagnetic handle range

This second generation of electromagnetic handles from CPREG®-2 range offers an easy and ambidextrous hand grip, and an innovative design. Watching this 3D video you will discover all the assets of the aluminium housing created by Sewosy, and also the two types of models: “the essential” and the “all-terrain”… The CPREG®-2 handles reveal themselves in all of their aspects!

Electromagnetic locks VELMAG

Discover the VELMAG range of EM locks made by Sewosy! Surface-mounted or mortise-mounted depending on your needs. Different configurations of laying are also showed in this video. Enjoy!


Access control - Keypad KRB1000

The KRB1000 is a keypad with a proximity reader 125 kHz.

Serial programming of MARIN type badges is a great advantage of this product, as well as its quick and easy connection by screw terminal block.

ADD power supply range designed by Sewosy

Access control - YAKA kit for quick connection

Want to save time on installation? Discover this pre-wired and programmed access control!

With the YAKA kit, just do it!

Contrôle d'accès - Clavier à code KRB1000

Le KRB1000 est un clavier à code avec lecteur de proximité 125 kHz. L’enregistrement en série des badges de type MARIN est un avantage de ce clavier, ainsi que son raccordement simple et rapide grâce à son bornier à vis.

Une large gamme d'alimentations à découpage

Entrez dans l’univers des alimentations SEWOSY® !

Pour le verrouillage, le contrôle d’accès, la vidéosurveillance : le choix est vaste, vous allez trouver celle qui vous convient !

Bouton poussoir PB22M

Bouton poussoir PB22M conforme à la directive PMR, qui outre son design inédit offre une large surface d’appui.

Boîtier modulaire et multi-usages BRA

SEWOSY® à conçu un boîtier de raccordement en applique, modulaire, avec 40 borniers (20 paires) réutilisables.

Adaptable à vos besoins il est idéal pour les installations en courant faible, comme le contrôle d’accès, la vidéo surveillance et l’intrusion.