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SHOKV4 manual call point 2 contacts + buzzer/LED + cover opening detection signaled by a white lighting
The SHOK® manual call point range developed and assembled inFrance by SEWOSY, was especially intended to suit the needs of installers. Whatever the situation, you can be sure to meet perfectly your needs.

Multiple benefits make this product unique on the market:

– an exclusive design thanks to the « Diamond » texture of its front face, giving an original and elegant aspect,

– double reset possibility on front or below. The front option is more ergonomic ; indeed, several devices can be installed successively, one above the other, without disturbing their reset,

– a key holder located on the rear, on both sides of the surface mounting box, in order to stock the 2 keys included in the packaging and minimize the risk of loss,

– cable entry on the top, with pre-drilling for cable duct,

– improved LED lighting.

The product range includes the versions 1 contact or 2 contacts, as well as two models with buzzer/LED. One of them, SHOKV4, is equipped with a new fonctionality, particularly useful in case of unwanted manipulation: the cover opening detection, associated to a specific white LED.

Thanks to sound and visual warning, hear and see clearly the status of your manual call point. The SHOKV4 is fitted with a buzzer emitting a discontinuous sound (70 dB) as soon as the protection cover is opened, which becames continuous once the device is triggered (the buzzer function can be disabled). Moreover, if the call point is disarmed, the LED becames brilliant RED. This way, status changes are easily detectable. When the product is switched on, the LED lights up GREEN.

In parallel, the cover opening detection, shows that it has been lifted: a white LED alerts you immediately by its bright and intense flashing.

Technical specifications:
2 C/NO/NC contacts with high switching rate, enhancing their resistance (the switch can better withstand high intensities provided by other devices: locks, electromagnetic locks…)
Buzzer 70 dB
LED with green and red lighting
Protection cover opening detection
Operating voltage: 12/24V DC (+10%)
Consumption: 12V DC max. 45 mA / 24V DC max. 62 mA
Switching rate: 250V AC – 5 A / 30V DC – 4 A
Protection rating: IP40 (indoor use)
Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C
Locking by central screw
Surface or flush mounting on 60 mm mounting box

Protection Cover included
Available languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch

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