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Behind every product, there is a story. At Sewosy, we have been designing and manufacturing electric and electromagnetic locking systems for over two decades.  Thanks to KEOLA, our access control system, we can guarantee security and reliability in each and every setting.

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Your connected access control 100% French. Step into the era of easy access management thanks to KEOLA® – your phone becomes your safe and secure navigating tool.

Customer service

Our story also evolves with your needs.

This is why we have created the services MAX FOR YOU® and Easy Install® to meet all your needs.


Discover the brand 100% dedicated to customer care.

Easy Install®

Discover the brand that will save you time.

The Sewosy Spirit

Sewosy embodies a rich family history, driven by our employees who have been the agents of our growth for over 20 years. We are convinced that innovation is a matter of passion and human commitment.

Sewosy - notre entreprise

over 20 years


A family







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J3C invest

Based in the heart of Europe, J3C Invest is an independent Alsatian family holding company that values talent and promotes a humanistic approach to business, embodied by companies like Sewosy.

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Meet the Sewosy family

Discover the faces behind each story : a dedicated team, combining skill and passion to transform each challenge into an opportunity to innovate.

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