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CPREG® is for ‘contreplaque réglable’, which means adjustable armature plate. The CPREG® brand brings our entire range of electromagnetic locks together. These aluminium profiles are equipped with our VELMAG® electromagnets and are an all-in-one solution : both ambidextrous pull handle and electromagnetic lock.

DECYL® is a contraction of two words, ‘découpe’ and ‘cylindre’, meaning cut and cylinder. Designed and manufactured in France, this option allows to retain the existing mechanical cylinder whilst adding a CPREG® unit, by making a cut in the handle, work which is undertaken in our workshops, following dimensions provided by the client. SEWOSY has created this service to save fitters’ time : no more manual cutting required on building sites plus the addition of a cover makes for a perfect finish.

EFLEX®, for « Easy flexible », is the brand that consists of our surface-mounted cable run and its accessories. Visually pleasing, practical and easy to install… EFLEX®, more than just a cable run.

ROUREG® stands for ‘rouleau réglable’, which means adjustable latch. This brand consists of some of our electric strikes, distinguished by their adjustable strike (from 3 to 4 mm) and a reduced aperture offset.

SEWOSY® is the corporate name of the Alsatian family company, founded in 2001 by Jacques Wolff and run today by Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff and Julien Schoettel. The name is an acronym made up of three syllables : SE = Security – WO = World – SY =System The first two syllables target the world of security, implying the magnitude of its reach The third syllable indicates, from the outset, our future direction : systems - the concept of global solutions which will be the basis of our next challenges.

SHOK® is our manual call point range, distinguished by their exclusive design, as well as numerous benefits. One of a kind, the SHOK® manual call points, which are designed and assembled in France, have been developed by SEWOSY with and for the fitters, in order to adapt to every situation.

VELMAG® stands for ‘ventouse électromagnétique’, which means electromagnetic lock. The VELMAG® brand consists of our entire range of electromagnetic locks (surface, built-in, for outside and hold-open door devices).

Our AD, CCTV, CCTVS power supply boxes and our DIN rails constitute the Watt’s AD® branded range. AD implies that it is a switch-mode power supply (‘alimentation à découpage’ in French). Watt’s refers to both the power range and other criteria from which you may choose, with a nod towards the English contraction ‘what’s’.