MAX FOR YOU® is the SEWOSY® service brand created especially for you

Throughout your project, we impart a sense of trust and reliability.

We aim to exceed your expectations, and anticipate your needs so as to surprise you and see the building of a unique business relationship.

All of our resources are drawn on to solidify a solid, long-lasting relationship.

Experience the difference working with us!

What you will find at SEWOSY®

A technical-sales network

Our mobile technical sales staff, all of whom have deep knowledge of our developments and innovations, are there to guide you through all of your projects (technical advice, tips on product choice,
advertising media, participation in your sales events, etc.), while they are also available to train and support your employees.

Although the online space has changed the sales environment, physical presence remains key: it is vital to maintain the close relations with our customers we consider a priority. Our multi-specialist team is always by your side!

A responsive set team

Our sales admin team is available to assist you from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12pm from 1.30pm to 5pm.

To guide you in selecting the right products, prepare quotations, manage orders and direct you towards tools that have been specially designed to assist you. MAX FOR YOU®

2,000m² of storage space and fast delivery

Stocks, product availability and fast delivery are what sets us apart.

Our 2,000m2 of secure, functional storage space allows us to manage our resources optimally.

Most orders placed before 11am are shipped the same day!
We guarantee delivery in 24 hours within France and 48 hours within Europe on average, thanks to the carriers we have specially selected, based on their reliability and level of service provided.

😉 Identify our deliveries easily via the SEWOSY mark appearing on our boxes.

Competent technicians

Our technical department can advise you on the installation and operation of our products, offering tips and advice and suggesting solutions directly, from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5pm.

Ingenious engineers

In 2006, we established our own Research & Development department dedicated to product optimisation, in order to continuously meet your needs and offer you hard-wearing, easy-to-install products.

Neurons and advanced equipment (3D printers, tools and test machines, specific software, etc.) are our levers for innovating, anticipating and preparing for the future.

Quality control department

Our QA department is responsible for ensuring that our quality requirements are strictly upheld. The regular, unannounced inspections on all our products that take place allow us to guarantee the compliance of our products so that our values are continuously honoured.

One of our key priorities is offering your consistent service, which is why we have implemented procedures and protocols that allow us to optimise all of the steps involved in the fast, efficient processing of your requests.

A creative sales and marketing department

We offer specific advertising tools and media to suit your needs, developed by a team working together and combining complementary skills.

We introduce personalised SEWOSY product packaging (brand specific to ranges, installation channels, etc.), which also allows us to affirm our ethos as an eco-responsible alternative supplier, ensuring better visibility on your shelving.

A production unit in Malaysia

In 2007, we chose a path of international expansion, by establishing our own production and assembly unit located in Selangor, near to Kuala Lumpur.

This outsourcing has allowed us to source personally-selected raw materials and purchase them in line with our own criteria and values. This is how we manage and drive our production chain. This also offers us the option of adapting our offer to your needs and innovating according to your wishes.

The personalisation of your products

At Head Office, customised workshops!

EQUIPPED with specialised tools and machines, our experts process our products to meet your needs; special cuts, additional buffers for CPREG® strips (lacquering in most of the RAL colours done by our partner), assembly of push buttons, VELMAG® suction cups to hold doors, manual releases, and more. So many of our products can be personalised, so send us your ideas!

Your commercial contacts


Adrien Gamba

Sales Employee North-West

+33 (0) 7 49 03 24 39


Dorian Kratz

Sales Employee Southeast

+33 (0) 6 52 93 13 26


Guillaume Graillon

Sales Employee ◦ South-East

+33 (0) 6 78 82 00 65


Jefferson Tremeau

Sales Employee Central-West

+33 (0)7 45 05 83 74


Joly Codo

Sales Director France

+33 (0)6 81 60 94 64


Jonathan Pouzenc

Sales Manager Eastern Region

+33 (0) 6 31 14 86 55


Joris Rousselin

Sales Employee ◦ Paris - Île-de-France

+33 (0) 7 68 75 98 83


Loïc Celton

Sales Manager Western Region

+33 (0) 6 37 68 23 29


Shana Girod

Sales Employee Central-East

+33 (0) 6 72 32 44 46


Valentin Lacanal

Sales Employee Southwest

+33 (0) 6 45 08 65 09


Sabrina Turnu

Export Manager

+33 (0) 6 40 71 13 86


Your sales administration contacts


Dorothée Schaeffer

ADV Manager

+33 (0) 3 90 59 02 10


Fanny Vogel

Administrative Assistant

+33 (0) 3 90 59 02 20


Manuela Reeb

Sales Administration Manager

+33 (0) 3 90 59 02 12


Tania Fischer

Order Processing Manager

+33 (0) 3 90 59 02 15


Valérie Boucher

Order Processing Manager

+33 (0) 3 90 59 02 16


Betty Fritsch

Export Order Processing Manager

+33 (0) 3 90 59 02 10


Your technical contacts

Cédric Glath

Technical service

+33 (0)3 90 59 03 00


Jérôme Gackel

Customer Service Technician

+33 (0)9 90 59 02 24


Maxime Jung

Product Manager

+33 (0)3 90 59 02 21