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Your sales questions answered

Is my product available ?

Our sales administration team is available from Mondays to Thursdays, from 8.30am to Midday and from 1pm to 5pm, and on Fridays from 8.30am to Midday and from 1pm until 3pm. Contact customer service on +33 (0)3 90 59 02 20 or via email.

How much does my product cost ?

Contact our sales admin team on +33 (0)3 90 59 02 20 or via mail.

When can I expect delivery ?

Your order confirmation will state the shipping time and method.

There are two options :

  • Your shipper is DSV (for parcels under 30 kg and excluding oversized items) ; the shipper will deal with all delivery enquiries. Tracking information will be available using a parcel reference number, which will be sent automatically to the recipient’s email address, which we will have received earlier in the process.
  • Your shipper is not DSV ; please contact us on +33 (0)3 90 59 02 20 or via email.

Receiving goods

The shipper arrives with my consignment, what shall I do ?
Step 1

Check the delivery note and the specified number of items (1st example : a pallet with three parcels : you should have three parcels. 2nd example : a parcel and an oversized item : make sure they are both there).
Report any missing items on the delivery note. You have 24 hours to report the issue by sending a scan of the delivery note to the sales administration team.

Step 2

Check the external appearance of your parcel(s) :

  • Everything in order : you can accept the delivery, write ‘delivery in order’ and sign the delivery note.
  • Irregularities present :
    • the package is open or seems to have been opened,
    • the package has been tampered with by the shipper (strapping, adhesive tape from the shipper),
    • the package is bent or damaged,
    • the package is wet or carrying traces of liquid.
If your parcel presents irregularities, there are 3 options :
Option n°1

You accept the delivery without carrying out any checks and sign ‘delivery in order’ : it will not be possible to make an appeal with the shipper in case of an issue.

Option n°2

From the outset, you do not check the delivery and do not accept it : the parcel will automatically be returned to us by the shipper.  You must indicate on the delivery note that you have rejected the parcel and clearly indicate the reason(s) for it.  Please also let us know by email or by phone on +33 (0)3 90 59 02 20 that you have rejected the parcel, quoting your order number, if possible.

Step n°3

You choose to check the parcel with the driver present, before signing the paperwork. There are two options here :

Option n°1 : the driver has no time to check the contents of the parcel against the delivery note but you choose to accept the delivery nonetheless. You must write on the delivery note ‘parcel damaged or tampered with, potential breakage or missing items’ (it is imperative to write this sentence, rather than ‘subject to unpacking’). If need be, you have 24 hours to send a scan of the delivery note to the sales administration team and to report the quantity, description and exact reference numbers of the damaged/missing items.

Option n°2 : the driver is able to check the contents of the parcel straight away against the delivery note because you wish to accept the delivery. There are 2 options here :
Nothing damaged or missing, you must still indicate on the delivery note ‘parcel damaged or tampered with but nothing missing or damaged’.
Some items are missing or damaged, you must indicate on the delivery note ‘parcel damaged or tampered with’ as well as the quantities, descriptions and exact reference numbers of the said items.

Returning goods

I wish to return a product, what do I do ? Authorised Product Return (RMA)

You can send us your request by email to the address with the following information:

  • SEWOSY reference

  • Quantity

  • Observed product defect

  • Proof of purchase (SEWOSY invoice, SEWOSY delivery note number, SEWOSY purchase order number, or alternatively the product serial number)

  • Type of return: Warranty exchange or credit note

This is only an option if the products were directly purchased from SEWOSY. If that is not the case and the purchase was made through a distributor, please contact the supplier where the purchase was made.
You will receive an email with your RMA reference number. Please ensure this number is clearly visible on the parcel you are returning (returns are at your own cost). Please only return the items listed on the return form as they will otherwise not be dealt with.

Our team will check the return upon receipt and be in touch thereafter.


Electromagnetic locks : universal !

This locking device is comprised of two parts :

  • the ‘handle’ profile with the armature plates, attached to the opening and also used as pull handle.
  • The ‘square’ profile, with one or several electromagnetic locks, attached to the frame.

The electromagnetic lock is the ideal compromise between the built-in option, which is discreet and the surface-mounted option, which is quick to install.

Customisable in almost any RAL shade, this product is almost invisible in any set-up.

Both the installation and the connection are easy, and therefore time-saving…

The benefits of CPREG® :

Visually-pleasing and simple, this universal product suits all traders : carpenters, electricians, low-current specialists, etc.

The CPREG® range can be equipped with 1 to 4 electromagnetic locks for a better distribution of the strain (vertical force applied), and is particularly vandal-resistant.

The option to adjust the armature plates of the CPREG® range means the fine tuning guarantees the optimal alignment between the electromagnetic lock and the armature plate.

The electromagnetic lock adapts perfectly to the height of the door, the CPREG® 1, 2N and 2NAR can be cut to measure.

Unique LED lighting to establish the status of the door with a simple visual assessment.

Access made unique, with a talking feature to play a message.

Electromagnetic locks that are adaptable to multiple configurations

This locking device, which operates in fail-safe mode, consists of two parts : an electromagnet and its armature plate, which is magnetised by the magnetic body.

There are two types of electromagnetic locks :

  • Surface-mounted electromagnets are the best option for electricians and low-current specialists, as they do not need to create a reservation in the door frame.
  • Built-in electromagnets are the preferred option for carpenters and locksmith
The benefits of VELMAG® :

Reliable, easy to fit and adjust.

Depending on the availability of space on the frame and the preferred outcome, the electromagnets can be multiplied to increase the holding force, the range goes from 150 daN to over 500 daN per electromagnet.

A wide range of locks to choose from to meet all the needs of the traders.

Depending on the version, the device is particularly suitable for emergency exits.

Make sure your chosen device is NF S 61-937 compliant or ask your sales rep for advice !

The electromagnetic lock requires accurate fitting in order to guarantee optimal holding force. All SEWOSY® electromagnetic locks in the VELMAG® range provide an easy connection via a screw terminal.

Standard electric strikes, with added security…

Always combined with a latch bolt, the electric strike is an electromechanical locking system. This device is usually destined to be fitted into the door frame, which requires creating a reservation.

Whilst it is particularly popular with carpenters and locksmiths, all traders working with or around doors may be interested in the electric strike.

The benefits of ROUREG® :

The strikes in the ROUREG® (meaning adjustable latch) range provide a reduced aperture offset and the option to adjust the latch bolt (3 to 4 mm, depending on the version).

There is a wide range of operating modes and numerous options covering a wide range of users’ needs.

Reliable, space-saving and economical.

The electric strike can operate :
  • With AC/DC supply (alternating current or direct current), it may however not be continuously powered and the duration of the supply may not exceed 45 seconds.
  • With DC supply (direct current only), powered continuously, with no limit on the duration.

As an electromechanical device, the electric strike must be accurately fitted in relation to its counterpart (i.e. the latch bolt).

The device otherwise runs the risk of being put under pressure and of having issues with unlocking. This may for instance happen when the door swells and contracts due to environmental factors.

In addition to this, wear and tear is more likely on mechanical pieces than electromagnetic devices.

Tips and hints

CPREG® Electromagnetic locks
My tri-tension handle does not stick.
  • Check the polarity.
  • Check that the connections are in accordance with the operating instructions by ensuring that the in/out way of the junction board were followed.
CPREG® electromagnetic locks and VELMAG® surface electromagnetic locks

My CPREG® or my VELMAG® do not stick but vibrations can be felt on the magnetic frame.

  • Check that the electric supply is continuous current supply, as it should be.
  • The issue may have occurred when an electric strike was replaced.

My CPREG® or my VELMAG® do not stick correctly.

  • Check the electric supply.
  • These locking devices will only work with continuous current supply.
  • Check the fitting of the straps (with the exception of the CPREG2NAR which adjusts automatically to the current).
  • Check that the supply has sufficient power for the installation.
  • Check that the metal and rubber washers are fitted at the back of the armature plate.
  • Check that the armature plate and the electromagnet’s magnetic frame are perfectly aligned to guarantee the full holding force.
  • Product selected from the product catalogue.

Can the round electromagnet be separated from the mounting plate ?

  • Yes. You just need to unscrew the screw at the back of the plate that holds the electromagnet in place.
Keypads with or without a reader

My keypad is not switching on.

  • Check the colour of the red and black wires, not the black/white wire.

My keypad is not unlocking the access.

  • Check you have set a user code.  The default code 1234 is not set to unlock,

The reader does not recognise my keyfob.

  • Check that the keyfob technology matches the reader’s.
Electric strikes

My electric strike with OPEM lever is no longer locking.

  • Check the position of the lever.

My electric strike makes a noise when unlocking (very strong vibrations).

  • Alternating current supply.

My open/closed status door contact is not engaging.

  • Check that the contact plate has been correctly fitted between the strike and the latch.  If the contact still does not engage, check whether the door bolt is correctly pressing onto the plate.

My locked/unlocked status contact is not engaging.

  • Check that the counterplate is correctly aligned with the magnetic frame of the electromagnet.
Time delay dropbolt

My time delay dropbolt sometimes blocks during unlocking.

  • Check that the counterpart is perfectly centred in relation to the dropbolt. If it is not lined up, the bolt will rub and block.  At the same time, the lock must not be put under pressure.