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Your connected
access control,
100% French

Your connected access control 100% French. Step into the era of easy access management thanks to KEOLA® – your phone becomes your safe and secure navigating tool.

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Manage your access effortlessly, whether connected or offline, directly from your smartphone, without subscriptions or consummables.


Quick installation without cable constraints with an intuitive app for ease of management and the option to add new users in just a few clicks.


Enjoy reinforced security, from manufacturing through to usage, thanks to our partners, KEYFACTOR and MICROSOFT AZURE, leaders in the connected devices industry.

Give life to your access

At Sewosy, we have created KEOLA® with the intention of anticipating our clients’ expectations.

The name ‘KEOLA®’ comes from the Hawaïan meaning ‘precious life’ and expresses our engagement towards a more human and security-conscious approach. The name reflects our dedication to protect what counts the most for you.

This is how the story of KEOLA® is the beginning of so many others.

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Did you know ?

KEOLA® is proudly designed and assembled in France, its elegant design results from our unique collaboration with an agency from Strasbourg, reflecting our commitment towards quality, innovation and French savoir-faire.

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Innovative design

KEOLA® sets itself apart by its refined and contemporary look, resulting from a collaboration with designers from Strasbourg and blending in with every type of architecture.


A specific colour code for each step.


Designed with high quality materials, KEOLA® is not only robust and reliable but also made to withstand weathering and wear.

Extended connectivity

KEOLA® covers a wide range of connectivity, to include Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and 4G, allowing for flexible access management from anywhere.

How does it work ?




Join the KEOLA® adventure

The breakthrough
in access control

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