For locking and access control, choose WATT’s AD. SEWOSY provides power supplies in metal boxes as standard or large models, with a generous size depth, which is very useful for long-lasting autonomy. Insert 1 or 2 batteries – 7 or 18 Ah depending on version – and allow your installations to keep running for longer!
But not only… These devices, ensuring continuous power supply are the heart of your equipments. That’s why we integrated advantages that increase security, such as locking by key and built-in tamper switch allowing remote information. Additionally, they are fitted with comfort-enhancing and time-saving accessories facilitating the mounting: spacers, moving the box away from the wall to ease rear cable entry through cable duct, drilling patterns printed inside of the packagings.
WATT’s AD: one of the most comprehensive power supply ranges on the market. Your installations are worth it!