2020 was a year like none other

However, despite the difficulties and uncertainties, this suspended period of time wasn’t fruitless. Just like a chrysalis, it saw the emergence of ideas, reinventions, restructuring and adaptations.

We also always keep in mind that each cog in the wheel of our organisation is key and necessary for the survival of the whole, and the fact that we all need the inputs of others. We have carefully considered the useful and the not so useful, the productive and the not so productive, to allow us to realise the importance of the many different resources we have and be able to elicit the powerful ability to remain responsive.

SEWOSY® has used this time beneficially, to reconsider, restructure, plan and improve with a view to optimising the company’s potential and secure its future by making strong, promising investments.

Backed by its human and material resources, the company aims to consolidate its market positioning, diversify into exports, expand its offering, and seize new opportunities, so that it can continue to differentiate itself and look to the future with conviction, enthusiasm and solidarity.

Our priorities remain company growth, without overlooking the human resource aspect on which it is
ultimately reliant.

The sharing of knowledge, skills, realising of business potential and involvement and respect form an integral part of my personal perspective on entrepreneurship based on human resources and work.

Work gives life meaning, it allows us to realise our own potential as people and as individuals, its allows us to establish companies, cultures, create freedoms and means of existence, and to dedicate ourselves to it.

By adapting these principles in line with a company of SEWOSY®’s scale, we are able to build and create this vision together.

Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff
SEWOSY Managing Director