Congratulations to the duo Carine and Céline Rossdeutsch-Wolff, Managing Director of SEWOSY and J3C Invest respectively.

In fact, by the end of September 2020 this managerial pair had successfully completed a 2-year diploma course compiled by the Grand Est Region and Bpifrance: Accelerateur PME Grand Est is a “tailor-made” partnership that focuses on providing regional support programs for SMEs with high growth potential, in order to stimulate their growth.

There is no doubt that the combining of new skills and the goal of expansion fuelling this shared leadership will significantly drive the SEWOSY outlook and its performance, rightfully foreshadowing its presence in the middle-market companies of the future.

This great success rests on a fruitful partnership with the Bpifrance Excellence entrepreneurs’ network that SEWOSY has worked with for the past few years, where the words SERVING THE FUTURE takes on its full meaning now more than ever.