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SEWOSY agrees in favor of sustainable development

Protection of the environment is part of the SEWOSY key values for many years. SEWOSY indeed considers that a manufacturer of electric and electromagnetic products has the opportunity – and then the responsibility – to act on the environment, particularly by designing products for greatly reducing energy consumption.


Specifically, SEWOSY has made investments to be at the height of stakes of its ecodesign projects:

  • important human means inside R&D service;
  • softwares to develop more environmental friendly products;
  • softwares exclusively dedicared to the life cycle evaluation;
  • development machines allowing the projects implementation.

Transport and handling taken into account

The bulk and weight of products are evaluated in order to optimize their transport when possible, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

So the CPREG-2 aluminium housing, launched on the locking market in january 2013, is proposed in a new length of 2200 mm. Causing less waste, lighter to carry, this new aluminium housing contributes, modestly but surely, to protect the environment.

Energy efficient locking products 

The 3, 4 and 5 versions of CPREG will go even further. Their consumption door open will only be 0,4 Watts. The CPREG-4 will be fitted with a low consumption electromagnetic lock, the CPREG-5 with a smart eletromagnetic lock, which will adapt its consumption according to the use.

Plus, these aluminium housings are modular, delivered in different segments (287 mm for the square profile and 574 mm for the handgrip), easy to fit through the Plug&Play principle. They thus benefit from a compact package, ensuring optimized transport and storage.


Bandeaux CPREG, un minimum d'encombrement et d'énergie


Integrated "carbon balance" tool

The design of energy efficient products were possible thanks to the "carbon balance" tool integrated within SEWOSY, and daily used by the R&D service. With this tool, every stage of the cycle life of a product designed by SEWOSY can be improved in terms of environmental and economic impacts.

Products thus designed generates significant energy savings; the current consumption is up to 70% less, according to products, than those of equivalent products found on the market today!


Dematerialize through an EDM

The "sustainable development" dimension is part of the SEWOSY global policy. The work documents are dematerialized at more in order to reduce paper use. That's why an Electronic Document Management is implemented in 2013.

Calculate and offset CO2 emissions

SEWOSY uses the Bilobay online calculator, a worldwide innovation. Through Bilobay, SEWOSY evaluates the CO2 emissions caused by its communication actions and sets up carbon offset actions.

Use hybrid function vehicles

As early as 2010, SEWOSY has purchased two Toyota hybrid function vehicles and a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), in the context of a PHEV experimentation in Strasbourg (France), a test drived by the Urban Community of Strasbourg (CUS) in partnership with Toyota, involving 100 users, including SEWOSY.

Sustainability (outil bilan carbone, module SolidWorks)
Tool for measuring carbon footprint, integrated into the design tools of SEWOSY.
Bilobay calculates the carbon footprint of your communication actions and proposes offset projects.


Measuring of environmental impact of products through the "carbon balance" tool

The product impact of environment and on raw material resources, measured in megajoules (MJ), includes not only electricity or fuels used during the life cycle of the product, but also the upstream energy required to obtain and transform these fuels, and the energy consumed by the material if it were burned.

The total energy consumed is expressed as the net calorific value of the energy demand excerpted from non renewable resources (petroleum, natural gas, etc.). The efficiency of energy conversion (power, heat, steam, etc.) is taken into account.

Here is an example of the measures following the life cycle analysis of an eco-designed product by SEWOSY, compared to old generation of product which haven't been eco-designed:

Des produits économes en énergie


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