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Laureate of INPI Innovation Trophies in Alsace

SEWOSY Lauréat des Trophées INPI de l'Innovation en Alsace

SEWOSY was recognized as one of the flagships of Alsatian innovation…

Awarded on 20 November to Jacques Wolff, SEWOSY President, by the Delegated Managing Director of the INPI, the regional trophy of the 2012 edition rewards the exemplary dynamism of the company.

The jury wanted to distinguish the remarkable innovation effort of SEWOSY. The industrial property policy of the enterprise is indeed especially active, with eight patents and six brands filed since its inception in 2001.

Sustainable Development at the heart of innovation

The overall approach of SEWOSY regarding environmental protection was also taken into account by the INPI. The company has always assumed its responsibility of acting and consequently designing products that greatly reduce the energy consumption. Duly noted!

Dynamics of innovation and respect for the environment have thus gained adhesion of the INPI: SEWOSY got one of the five trophies attributed to three companies and two Alsatian laboratories during the ceremony on 20 November 2012.

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