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Fund-raising event organized by Sewosy Malaysia

Cheque presentation by Sewosy Malaysia during the charity karaoke

Our Asian subsidiary met huge success with a charity karaoke event! About 500 people attended, including the 40 contestants of age 40 and above. The objectives of this event were to promote the name and products of SEWOSY and to collect donations for two non-profit organisations.

Thanks to this creative idea of fund-raising karaoke, two cheques of each RM 3840 were presented during the event, one for the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Centre Melaka, the other for the Seu Teck Sean Tong Foundation, which provides traditional Chinese medicine for free to poor people with two Chinese physicians on call.

About 500 people attended the event organized by Sewosy Malaysia

Two famous personalities in singing profession from Malaysia judged the performance.  All of the 40 participants received a trophy and cash prizes ranging from RM 20 to RM 600. The two main lucky draws were Sewosy products!

A third fund-raising for a 3 years old girl

When the cheques presentation was over, Sewosy Malaysia introduced a third recipient: the case of a 3 year old girl, who needs to undergo bone marrow treatment, but the procedures cost about RM 350 000! The girl’s father went on stage and talked about his precious child. Then donation boxes went round from table to table before the second half of the karaoke commenced. A commendable amount of RM 8410 was collected for this little girl!

Williem Lim, Sewosy Malaysia codirector, presenting the case of sick 3 years old girl

The next activity of this charity event was the lucky draws followed by the giving away of the prizes and the results of the singing competition.

A lot of congratulations for Sewosy Malaysia event

Sewosy Malaysia received a lot of accolades and words of support the next day from the public, telling them that the company was doing a great service to the people and how successful the event was. This event was featured in 3 chinese language newspapers in Sin Chew Daily, Guang Ming Daily and China Press.

At Sewosy headquarters, we are all very proud of our subsidiary for this good deed in favor of sick children and poor people. Congratulations to Williem Lim and Alice Low, the Sewosy Malaysia directors!

Sewosy Malaysia presenting the cheque during the charity karaoke

On the right, Alice Low and Williem Lim, codirectors of Sewosy Malaysia

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