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Electromagnetic door holder surface square box

Electromagnetic door holder surface square box

48 VDC-40 DaN - EN1155 n°0805501

Electromagnetic door holder surface square box

This electromagnetic holding device has got EN 1155 certification. It is therefore a VELMAGTM electromagnetic lock to maintain a fire door open in buildings complying with fire safety regulations. If the fire signaling table detects smoke, it will instantly cause the unlocking of the electromagnetic lock, and therefore the closure of the door, to prevent the spread of fire.

Permanent power supply carries on locking of these surface-mount electromagnetic locks, while the power cut generates unblocking. This fail-safe locking system suits for people protection as it keeps its efficiency in case of power outage.

Furthermore, a mechanical button is placed at the top of the electromagnetic lock square housing to manually operate the closure of the fire door if necessary, which is an extra safety.

This electromagnetic door holder solely runs with direct current, which gives advantage of reducing noise. The voltage is 48V, and major energy savings can be achieved, because the consumption is only 32 mA.

Delivered with its armature plate, to be fitted in a fix or articulated position according to the configuration, this electromagnetic lock Is surface mounted and its connection is made by one or several terminal blocks.

Ideal for an indoor installation, this electromagnetic device complies with the protection index 30, which signifies it is protected against degradation by solid foreign objects whose dimension is higher than 2,5 mm.

The holding force of these electromagnetic locks for fire doors is of 40 DaN, guaranteed at least 90%, provided that the recommendations for laying of SEWOSY have been adequately implemented.Description's update is in progress.

Technical details

48V DC
32 mA

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