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Electromagnetic door holder surface square box

Electromagnetic door holder surface square box

48 VDC-20 DaN - EN1155 n°0805501

Electromagnetic door holder surface square box

Designed to hold a fire door open, these electromagnetic devices obtained the EN1155 certification. They are therefore suitable for a surface-mounting in public buildings or properties with fire safety standards.

A fire alarm panel (TSI) remotely controls the electromagnetic lock in order to unlock it for closing in case of emergency. The square housing of this VELMAG™ lock comprises a button allowing manual release if necessary.

The locking of these electromagnetic locks is maintained by power on, while power cut causes unlocking: this system is adapted to people protection. Indeed, in case of power outage and fire, the door will be closed anyway and thus prevent the fire from spreading.

Running exclusively with direct voltage, which reduces noise, this electromagnetic lock has a voltage of 48V DC. Furthermore, high energy savings may be done, with only 13 mA consumption.

Connected by one or more terminal blocks according to installation, this door holder device comes with its armature plate, which can be mounted in fix or articulated position.

These electromagnetic locks must be lay inside, because they meet the protection class 30, indicating that they are protected against solid foreign bodies whose dimension exceeds 2,5 mm.

Holding force of this electromagnetic device is of 20 DaN, which is guaranteed at 90% minimum, provided that the fitting instructions of SEWOSY have been duly applied.

Technical details

48V DC
13 mA

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