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Surface electric strike 190 12V AC/DC DIN right

Surface electric strike 190 12V AC/DC DIN right

fail secure

Surface electric strike 190 12V AC/DC DIN right

Ideal to be surface mounted on HORIZONTAL locks, this electric strike is 90 mm ​​high. It can be fitted on old door leaves or wooden and in a general way on all kinds of doors with no mortises. This is a strike which can only be installed on a door opening DIN right.

Moreover, this electric strike operates in either alternating or direct current, depending on the installation configuration, with a voltage of 12V in all cases.

To be unlocked, the strike must receive an electrical pulse. Power off, in fact, it remains locked. The advantage of this technology is that it permits to achieve significant energy savings, especially with a continuous supply. Additionally, as access is blocked in the absence of current, even in the case of a blackout, the fail secure strike is appropriate for the safety of property.

Holding force of these electric strikes is up to 400 daN, provided that the fitting requirements notified by SEWOSY are fully implemented.

Technical details

850 mA
-10 +60 °C

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