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FT electric strike 6-12V AC/DC + contact

FT electric strike 6-12V AC/DC + contact

Fail secure

FT electric strike 6-12V AC/DC + contact

Easy to embed into numerous mortises by its reversibility for left or right DIN, its horizontal or vertical mounting, this symmetrical electric strike is full steel made. Its fixing distance corresponds to standards of the majority of faceplates on the market.

The holding force of this electric strike is exceptional, up to 1000 daN, subject having followed the fitting instructions given by SEWOSY, and its melting point is high: more than 1150°C! Therefore this very strong electric strike is suitable for safety devices, which is attested by its German certification for fire and smoke barrier doors.

The presence of a door status sensor in electric strikes aims to send report of information to a control access system or a dashboard. This allows monitoring of the open or closed status of access. The pallet ensures a perfect fit to the contact with the latch, whatever it is. A multi-pair cable is enough to connect strike and microswitch, which simplifies the laying.

Contact specificity is to be adjusted with the keeper, contributing in the performance of this safety electric strike. Otherwise the latch is adjustable with a 4 mm tolerance, revealing itself flexible in all sorts of facilities, and its aperture inset is reduced. Capable to pivot on itself, the strike latch needs less space and makes the lateral frame cut-out superfluous in numerous cases. The installation time is shortened and the aesthetics is improved.

Absence of power supply maintains the electric strike locked. An electrical pulse releases the latch, causing the access unlocking. Besides that the fail-secure strike consumes little electricity, it is conducive to securing property, since it will remain blocked in the event of power cut.

These electric strikes work indifferently in alternating or direct current at a voltage going from 6V to 12V.

Technical details

600 mA
6-12V AC/DC
900-1100 mA
Position: 48V DC-5A

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