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Electric strike 1 ROUREG mini blue OPEM

Electric strike 1 ROUREG mini blue OPEM

6 - 24V

Electric strike 1 ROUREG mini blue OPEM

With its reduced dimensions, the smallest on the market, this electric strike is easy to embed in most mortises, whatever its size is, especially as its fixing distance is the same as those of usual electric strikes.

Can be fitted horizontally as well as vertically, on doors opening right or left DIN, this electric strike whose mechanism is symmetrical is particularly suitable for the renewal of an ancient strike.

Functioning either with alternating or direct current at a voltage between 6V and 12V, and exclusively with direct current from 12V to 24V, this electric strike is unlocked by an electric pulse. Access remains locked in the absence of power, which is conducive to secure property, and also to lower energy consumption.

This fail-secure electric strike contains TORX® steel screws, further asset for avoiding vandalism, as its imprint in form of six-pointed stars needs a specific screwdriver.

If permanent opening of access for an indefinite time is wished, manually actuating the OPEM lever strike included is enough. Not forgetting to reset it in reverse to lock the electric strike again.

The electronic access can’t be damaged by backfeeding when it has a common supply with the electric strike, because it comprises a transil diode, which decreases the intensity of the electric arc in the relay, without any need to take account of polarity.

It’s possible to unblock the electric strike under load up to 3 daN with direct current (DC) and 12 daN with alternating current (AC). Holding force is of 350 daN, in compliance with the laying conditions established by SEWOSY. More than 300 000 opening cycles are guaranteed.

Two benefits are designated by the ROUREGTM brand of SEWOSY electric strikes. One is the latch which can be adjusted with a 3 mm tolerance, allowing a greater fit to various configurations. Other is the reduced aperture inset as the keeper pivots on itself and needs less space. The result is a time saving, the door lateral frame cut-out being not systematic as for an usual electric strike, and a beautification of the install.

Technical details

12-24V AC
200-400 mA
6-12V AC/DC
400-800 mA
-10 +60 °C

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