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Electric strike 1 ROUREG diode 24V DC + contact

Electric strike 1 ROUREG diode 24V DC + contact

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Electric strike 1 ROUREG diode 24V DC + contact

The electric strike is called ROUREGTM. This is a registered brand designating two advantages of SEWOSY strikes: the reduced aperture inset of the keeper, which rotates on itself so needs less space, and the adjustable latch, with a tolerance of 3 mm. A ROUREGTM electric strike is simpler to install and beautifies the installation by being discreet, because it is unnecessary to make a lateral frame cut-out as in the case of a classic electric strike.

The microswitch which is embedded in the electric strike can relays the information to a centralization device or a dashboard, to monitor the status open or closed of the door. A multi-pair cable connects the strike and the contact to the electronic system access, saving time and simplifying the mortise mounting. This contact comprises a pallet which facilitates adaptation to the latch bolt of the lock.

The interest of the diode included in the strike is to protect the access system of reverse current, if the electric strike shares its power supply with the electronic control unit.

These electric strikes work exclusively with direct current (DC) at a voltage of 24V. With a continuous feed, no overheating in the case of a permanent opening, a common situation for shops, warehouses and other business premises.

The latch of the strike is unlocked when electric current is applied. Without power, doors remain locked. This technology is suitable for the property safety, while being energy efficient.

With its symmetrical strike body and its reversibility right or left DIN, this electric strike fits all types of frames, old or new. Made of Zamak-5, this mortise strike conforms to standard dimensions, while the fixing distance corresponds to the majority of faceplates on the market. All these features make it an electric strike for a flexible mounting.

Technical details

24V DC
120 mA
-10 +60 °C
Position: 125V AC-0,1 A 12V DC-2 A

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