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Electric strike 1 ROUREG 12 V DC + contact

Electric strike 1 ROUREG 12 V DC + contact

fail secure

Electric strike 1 ROUREG 12 V DC + contact

This electric strike is particularly appropriate for property protection because it unlocks when powered. Indeed, in the absence of electric pulse, doors remain locked, even if power fails. This fail-secure technology also has the advantage of being energy efficient.

The status contact included in the electric strike indicates whether the door is opened or closed via a remote control system. With this information the doors status and the duration of opening or closing can be monitored. Choosing an electric strike with microswitch saves valuable time when mounting, as one cable power supplies both the strike and contact system. The contact palette built into the device has also for advantage to ensure the fitting and perfect the adjustment with the latch of the lock.

The voltage of 12V and the direct current (DC) of the electric strike are suitable for a large number of remote control systems of access. The DC provides the comfort of silent operation and offers continuous opening possibility without overheating.

ROUREGTM strikes from SEWOSY have a reduced aperture offset which facilitates the mounting into the mortise, while the latch, able to rotate on itself, is adjustable up to 3 mm. Thereby the lateral cutting-out of the door frame becomes useless. Protected, the mortise electric strike also helps beautify the install, new or old.

With a holding force of 500 daN provided having complied with the mounting rules prescribed by SEWOSY, guaranteed for more than 300,000 opening cycles, this electric strike is made of Zamak-5. Symmetric and reversible, the electric strike adapts doors right DIN as well as left DIN. Its dimensions correspond with current standards and fixing distance to those of the majority of faceplates on the market.

Technical details

12V DC
200 mA
-10 +60 °C
Position: 125V AC-0,1 A 12V DC-2 A

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