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Electric strike 1 PANIC 12V AC/DC + contact box : 38 mm

Electric strike 1 PANIC 12V AC/DC + contact box : 38 mm

fail secure

Electric strike 1 PANIC 12V AC/DC + contact box : 38 mm

All panic bars without security latch can be fitted with this model of electric strike. The objective is to allow access of an emergency exit to people coming from the outside. In the absence of such a strike mounted on the bolt of the panic bar, it can only be unblocked by being pushed from the inside to escape the building.

The microswitch built into the electric strike is used to convey deferral of information on the opening or closing status of the door to a centralization organ or a dashboard. A multi-pair cable connects the strike and its contact to the electronic access device which reduces installation time.

Equipped with a large box model having a depth 38 mm, this electric strike systematically comes with four standard metal struts, catching up on possible gap between the strike and the bolt of the panic bar. Their thickness is from 1, 2 and twice 3 mm.

This electric strike works as well with alternating or direct current, with a voltage of 12V. Its unblocking is generated by an electric impulse which releases the latch bolt of the lock. The latch is blocked, by against, when no power. A fail-secure strike can achieve significant energy savings, since the door remains locked off.

Enjoying a holding force of 700 daN subject to compliance with the laying conditions expressed by SEWOSY, this electric strike for panic bar has a lifetime guaranteed for more 300 000 opening cycles.

Technical details

500 mA
-10 +60 °C
Position: 125V AC-1 A 30V DC-0,5 A

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