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Modular electromagnetic handle CPREG-4 1330mm 2x 300daN 12-48V DC

Modular electromagnetic handle CPREG-4 1330mm 2x 300daN 12-48V DC

+ contact ; natural anodizing

Modular electromagnetic handle CPREG-4 1330mm  2x 300daN 12-48V DC

This model of innovative electromagnetic handle is composed of four segments, two of which including a magnet. A modularity enabling to adapt the CPREG®-4 at all door heights without cutting.

Transport and storage are also facilitated with this handle-lock, segments being assembled at the time of installation. No more monobloc electromagnetic handles! The CPREG®-4, modular,  improves daily work of installers.

Automatic adaptation to the voltage

The CPREG®-4 aluminium housings are designed according to the Plug & Play principle: you just have to fit the segments together and to connect the product, and forthwith it's operational. Moreover, the adaptation to the voltage is automatic in a range of 10V to 60V DC.

Changeover relay "door closed and locked" for more security

Transmit both the information on the status of the door and its position provides more security for electromagnetic locking devices. The NO/NC contact integrated in these CPREG®-4 EM handles allows thus to ''kill two birds with one stone’’, in sending simultaneously the two informations to a dashboard or a an access control monitoring.

Electromagnetic handles with unseen design

An added innovation for the CPREG®-4 aluminium housing: curved finishing end caps, which provides an undeniable aesthetic touch for installations. The lacquering is furthermore possible in all shades of the RAL palette.

Ecodesign for energy savings

The R&D Sewosy has developed an innovation to make the CPREG®-4 electromagnetic door handle consumes at least 50% less than a conventional handle. This eco-design approach was rewarded with several trophies. 

Technical details

12-48V DC
max: 500 mA min: 17,5 mA
-10 +60 °C
_ ** Etat: 125V AC-2 A 30V DC-2 A
2 x 300*

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