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Electromagnetic handle CPREG-1 2500 mm 2 x 300 daN 12-24V DC + contact

Electromagnetic handle CPREG-1 2500 mm 2 x 300 daN 12-24V DC + contact

natural anodizing

Electromagnetic handle CPREG-1 2500 mm 2 x 300 daN 12-24V DC + contact

This CPREG® eelctromagnetic handle can be surface-mounted on many doors, and particularly these for emergency exits, indifferently outdoors or indoors.

Its two stainless steel electromagnetic locks from the EF30035ENCCTC CA series can thus ensure the access locking, protected by their embedding in the profile.

A record of compliance with the French NF S 61-937 standard has been assigned to this aluminium housing, available in naturel anodizing or mill finish, in which case its lacquering can be made by Sewosy. The color is to choose among all RAL colours chart.  The handling lock will then come entirely mounted and prewired.

Adjustable armature plate

The CPREG® brand refers to the armature plate whose position may be fitted via a sliding nut. The adjustable counterplate of this CPREG® electromagnetic handle permits to rectify the possible sag of the door.

With a total length of 2500 mm, the electromagnetic handle can be adapted to the real dimensions of the frame at the time of installation.

Discreet and quick mounting

The EM handle screws, whose end caps are in aluminum, are advantageously hidden behind the glazing bead, which favors a fast mounting, prevents vandalism and beautifies the installation. Vertical, the aluminium housing benefits from a narrow fixing base. Thus, the width of door isn’t reduced by the clutter of the locking device.

"Locked/unlocked door" contact

The status contact integrated in the aluminium housing has the function of reporting information about the locking or unlocking of electromagnetic locks to a management organ or a dashboard. Its breaking capacity is 24VDC and 1A.

Exclusively supplied with DC voltage, this electromagnetic handle operates silently, with 12V or 24V, depending on the configuration.

Unlocking of EM handle by power off

Unlocked by power off, this fail-safe electromagnetic locking device suits for the security of persons, since the access could be crossed in case of emergency exit required or power outage. On the contrary, the locking is maintained power on.

The two electromagnetic locks included in the CPREG® aluminum handle each resists to burglary up to 300 daN, subject to have properly applied the laying recommendations of Sewosy.


Technical details

12-24V DC
960-480 mA
-10 +60 °C
_ ** Etat: 24V DC-1 A
2 x 300*

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