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switching mode power supply 12vDC 10 A

switching mode power supply 12vDC 10 A

with output relay

switching mode power supply 12vDC 10 A

Operating with 12V DC, these switching mode power supplies contain a relay signaling mains failure. A space is reserved to integrate a backup battery of 17 Ah.

This power supply with a metallic box, equipped with a double output, restores up to 10 Amp.

Included self-protection

A self-protection NO/NC contact allows to send an information report to a monitoring station when the box of the 12V DC power supply is opened.

Signalling relays

Besides the self-protection contact, these 10 Amp power supplies are equipped with a changeover contact which indicates the absence of sector, and also with a relay which is activated when the backup battery is discharged

A 17 Ah power supply in option

The power supply with metallic box contains a location which can accommodate a battery of a capability amounting to 17 Ah. This accumulator model is available in the range of SEWOSY accessories.


The connexion of this switching mode power supply operates easily with a screw terminal block. As for the output current, it is 12V DC.

THREE LEDs on the front panel

On the box of this power supply with fault relay there are three indicator lights which give visual informations to the user:

  • a LED informs about the 12V DC presence;
  • a LED indicates the mains presence;
  • a LED remains fixed when the battery is charged or discharged, and flashes to signal that the battery is charging. 

Technical details

0 +40 °C
190V - 265V AC
12V DC
10 A

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