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Power supply on DIN rail 230V AC / 12V DC / 60W - 5A

Power supply on DIN rail 230V AC / 12V DC / 60W - 5A

Power supply on DIN rail 230V AC / 12V DC / 60W - 5A

This switch-mode power supply transforms an input voltage of 220 to 240 AC into 12V DC at the output. The intensity of current goes up to 5 amperes - 60 W maximum, which allows powering several electrical or electromagnetic locking devices and / or access control.

The nominal voltage is furthermore adjustable by +/- 15% thanks to the potentiometer integrated in the DIN rail power supply, which leaves a margin of maneuver to the installers according to the configuration. As for the input voltage, it goes from 220V to 240V AC, and is transformed into 12V DC.

User outputs +/- doubled

The connection of these switching power supplies is facilitated by its doubled outputs, and moreover placed at the bottom of the facade for optimal accessibility. The maximum conductor section is 2.5 mm2.

A 5-module DIN rail format power supply

This ADD1260 without battery backup installs on a DIN rail and occupies five modules. With a maximum current of 5 A - 60 W, these modular power supplies have the ability to provide power to several products such as electromagnetic locks and handles, electric strikes, or code keyboards and proximity readers.

Overvoltage and short-circuit protection

Designed by Sewosy, the DIN rail power supply includes an electronic fuse. The reset is done automatically as soon as the fault is restored.

Technical details

-10 +60° C
220V - 240V AC
12V DC
5 A

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