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CCTV switching mode power supply 12V DC 8 A

CCTV switching mode power supply 12V DC 8 A

9 ways (0,9A) with battery backup

CCTV switching mode power supply 12V DC 8 A

These power supplies with battery backup can supply up to nine CCTV cameras, with a global output current of 8 Amp maximum. They run with 12V DC and are connected by screw terminal block. 

Equipped with a main switch, these switching mode power supplies are designed to accommodate an accumulator of 1 x 7 Ah. The battery, not included, is available in the range of SEWOSY accessories. 

Resistant power supply 

The mechanical robustness of the CCTV power supply stems from its metal box. Robustness also in terms of electronics: the nine outputs are autonomous from each other. In case of short circuit or vandalism on one output, the other cameras still continue running. Furthermore, these power supplies with metal box include output and input fuses. 

Changeover contact

These power supplies 12V DC also feature an efficient protection system. The built-in C/NO/NC contact enables alerting the video surveillance center when the box is open. 

Indicator lights

The two LEDs on the box of the power supply with battery backup give visual information about mains presence and voltage 12V DC. Likewise, each of the nine camera outputs has its signaling lamp, which remains lit as long as the output selector is on and the system operates normally. 

Disconnection jumpers

It is not necessary to use all the nine outputs. The operator has therefore the choice to inhibit one or several of them according to his needs. A very simple operation to do thanks to the jumpers placed in these CCTV power supplies.  


Technical details

0 +40 °C
110V - 240V AC
12V DC
8 A

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