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2 screws terminal cylindrical magnetic contact for wood

2 screws terminal cylindrical magnetic contact for wood


2 screws terminal cylindrical magnetic contact for wood

Flush mountable in the sash of wooden joineries, these magnetic contacts comprise a permanent magnet. This one is going to close the normally open (NO) at rest contact, when it will approximate the Reed bulb mortised in the frame.

Concretely, this means that the leaf closure generates the cylindrical contact action, which will send an information deferral to a central surveillance system or other remote control device. Open or closed position of the gate can thus be monitored.

The working of this NO contact, which changes of state by magnetic field variation, enables optimal adjustment, as it is not disturbed by the wood door motions, neither by any installation defects. Using spacers is then superfluous. In addition, the reaction distance of this flush mount contact is 12 mm, which enhances its tolerance to the door movements. As for its breaking power, it goes up to 200 V DC and 500 mA, which is considerable.

These magnetic contacts are connected through screw terminal blocks. Their cable has a 2 meters length, but it is possible to order other lengths from SEWOSY.

Tightness to dust and protection against permanent immersion of these mortise contacts is shown by their compliance to the protection index IP 68.

Also resistant to temperatures from -20 ° to +70 ° C, NO magnetic contact is suitable for outdoor installation.


Technical details

Sortie 1: 200V DC-0,5 A
-20 +70 °C
12 mm

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