To go even further and higher!

With the additional connection accessories: the EFLEX-M1 covering sleeve and the EFLEX-L1 angle bracket, which are just as aesthetic, safe and easy to install than the EFLEX-G1 cable duct, you ensure a high quality finish to your installations!

Whether your configurations are linear or ceiling oriented, both directions are possible, just compose your own trajectory, to elegantly hide the wiring.

While the sleeve allows for linear extension, the L bracket enables to change the direction of the cable routing ; so the cable remains perfectly guided all along its path. Their clip-on (over the cable duct) and screw-on (by means of holes at the top and bottom of the sleeve and at the corner of the bracket) fixing system increases the strength of the installation. Thanks to the covering, there is no visible cut-out in the cable duct!

EFLEX-C1 is a spare part of the EFLEX system, corresponding to the finishing end cover that fits onto EFLEX-G1 cable duct.