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SEWOSY innoviert seit 2001 für die Sicherheit des Zugang

This family company, located near Strasbourg in France, designs, manufactures and markets electric and electromagnetic lock's products focusing on innovation and respect for the environment. Its strategy of industrial property was rewarded by INPI Trophy of Innovation 2012 in Alsace.

Created in 2001 by Jacques WOLFF, SEWOSY records a steady increase of its turnover, rising 8,06 M€ in 2016. The radiance of this SME of 34 people keeps growing internationally with nearly 20% of shares in export. Moreover, SEWOSY has a commercial agency in Germany since 2003.

An industrial policy based on innovation

Dynamism of SEWOSY's innovation policy largely explains its success. With eight patents and six brands registered since its inception, the enterprise proves the efficiency of its industrial property strategy. Evidenced by the awarding of a regional Innovation Trophy by the INPI (French National Institute for Industrial Property) on 20th November 2012.

International presence

Located to the north of Strasbourg, in the Alsatian village of Bernolsheim, SEWOSY has sales departments in Germany (covering the German-speaking countries) and in Malaysia, where there is a production factory. The export shares of SEWOSY represent a third of turnover; the main export countries are Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and several African countries. The remaining two thirds of the market are situated in France and are made up of professionals such as hardware stores, distributors of electrical products, low voltage distributors and manufacturers operating under their own brand.

4 ranges of products, nearly 600 references

Manufacturer and distributor of electric and electromagnetic locking products, SEWOSY offers over 500 references divided into 4 ranges:

• Locking systems: electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, aluminium housings…
• Access control:  keypads and proximity stand-alone readers, and all protocols of proximity cards…
• Accessories: power supplies, door loops, mechanical or magnetic contacts…
• Fire security: manual call points, door control terminals, electromagnetic locks to maintain the door open…

Main brands of SEWOSY products:


Assigned to SEWOSY electric strikes, this brand denotes two benefits:

- the adjustable roller of the latch, enabling to fit the electric strike to various configurations,
- the reduced aperture offset, which often avoids the lateral cut of the door frame, requiring less space to rotate on itself.


This designation applies to most SEWOSY electromagnetic locks, providing great flexibility to the installation thanks to a wide choice of bespoke accessories. Including an anti-remanence system by ejector, the VELMAG™ locks are instantly unlocked when power off. Manufactured according to the E-PLATES technology, they have a better magnetic performance, which optimizes locking efficiency.


This brand name corresponds to all SEWOSY aluminium housings. The CPREG® housing counterplate can be fitted in case of door sagging through a sliding system.


CPREG-2 main droite et CPREG-E avec extension main gauche

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