The Sub-prefecture of Haguenau, the Haguenau Association and the Terre de Réussites which promotes the city’s exposure through the successes and talents of local players and the City of Haguenau, held a conference for economic stakeholders on Wednesday 30 September 2020 at the Municipal Theatre: 180 managers in the region accepted the invitation to talk about management!

With the special participation of General Frédéric Hingray, HRD of the Army, the topic addressed was: “Management: how about drawing inspiration from the Army?”.

With the second round attended by Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff (Managing Director of SEWOSY) and Nicolas Pfirsch (Managing Director of Cetal) who were thus given the opportunity to share their points of view as Haguenau directors, the conference provided the opportunity for some stimulating discussions between the three participants.

SEWOSY® is thrilled with the success of the event and warmly extends its appreciation to the organisers Haguenau, Terres de Réussites, Mr Claude Sturni Mayor of Haguenau, the Sub-prefecture of Haguenau, as well as the following participants: General Frédéric Hingray, Facilitator Dan Leclaire, Nicolas Pfirsch Managing Director of Cetal, as well as all the entrepreneurs who attended.