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Electric strike 3 ROUREG diode 24V DC + contact

Electric strike 3 ROUREG diode 24V DC + contact

fail safe

Electric strike 3 ROUREG diode 24V DC + contact

This electric strike is part of SEWOSY electric strikes of the ROUREGTM range. It means firstly that the lip is adjustable up to 3 mm of fit between the latch bolt of the lock and strike keeper, for maximum adaptability to various configurations. Then the ROUREGTM electric strike has the added advantage of the reduced aperture inset of the latch, which rotates on itself and therefore needs less space. Useless to proceed to a lateral cut-out of the door frame, which generates gain of time and improves the aesthetics of the install.

Included in the electric strike, the micro-switch informs a remote control device or a dashboard about the status of open or closed door. Connection of both contact and electric strike is established via a unique multi-pair cable, for laying quicker and easier. This contact has a pallet which facilitates its adaptation to the latch bolt of the lock and optimizes its functioning, whatever the type of keeper.

If the electric strike and the electronic control system have the same power supply, the diode is essential. This component will indeed polarize the current in one direction, which prevents reverse current that would degrade the access device.

Supplied with direct current (DC) with a standard voltage of 24V, this electric strike with diode is silent and suitable, for example, for setting continuous unlocking of shops, offices and other business premises that must remain open for a long while.

When there is no power to the coil, it releases the strike keeper. Instead, the locking is acquired when power is applied to the fail-safe strike. This technology is indeed appropriate for protecting people, since in case of power outage, the door remains unblocked.

Reversible, this electric strike with standard dimensions is also suitable for doors opening left or right DIN. The symmetry of the strike body facilitates its embedding in many mortises and the fixing distance corresponds to most faceplates on the market. This means if the mortise electric strike composed of Zamak-5 can fit all sorts of buildings in nine as in the ancient.

The holding force of the electric strike is 500 daN, provided that the installation instructions of SEWOSY have been met. Its lifetime is guaranteed for lasting over 300 000 opening cycles.

Technical details

24V DC
120 mA
-10 +60 °C
Position: 125V AC-0,1 A 12V DC-2 A

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