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Proximity reader with programming keypad and integrated antenna

Proximity reader with programming keypad and integrated antenna

12/24V AC/DC - 125kHz

Proximity reader with programming keypad and integrated antenna

Emitting at a standard frequency of 125 kHz, this proximity reader with integrated antenna enables a badge or Marin card to send electromagnetic messages about the identity of the holder when he is at a few inches of the device.

This stand-alone access control indeed works by Radio Frequency Identification, RFID. In this case, the proximity reader has the ability to identify an electronic access title as containing a digital security access code, such as a badge.

The entrance of the building or premises can either be authorized by the keypad or the proximity reader, or both to reinforce security.

The programming keypad included in the proximity reader is convenient to set up the access control when installing. It is also the time to choose the locking maintenance duration, which can last from 1 to 99 seconds. This integrated timer system lets time to authorized persons to enter the building, if they are arms loaded or are slowed down in their movements for various reasons.

This RFID system, both keypad and proximity reader, is easy to be surface-mounted vertically, on a pole, a wall or other rigid support. The stainless steel box and the metal keys of this proximity reader give it more strength, and show good protection against corrosion and shocks.

An anti-vandal system enables to secure the numeric keypad in case a non-authorized person would try to snatch it.

The voltage range of this keypad coupled with a proximity reader is universal, of 12 or 24V according to the configuration. The power runs either with AC or DC. Furthermore, energy consumption of this proximity reader is reduced to 110 mA.

This keypad equipped with a proximity reader features a main relay to handle up to 1000 users codes. A secondary relay can manage 10 codes maximum. The breaking capacity of the two relays of this proximity reader is at more of 125V AC for 0,25 amps, and of 30V DC for 2 amps.

The numeric keypad is backlighted in blue for a better visibility. A tactile marking is on button 5. Moreover, the proximity reader comprises two LEDs useful to visually validate the access authorization to user, or the programming actions of operator. The LED then lights in green or red.

Withstanding temperatures going from -10°C to +60°C, this proximity reader and keypad is quite suitable for an outdoor mounting. More, in accordance with the protection index IP 65, it is protected against dust and water jets.Description's update is in progress.

Technical details

12-24V AC/DC
110 mA
-10 +60 °C
Sortie 1: 125V AC /0,5 A - 30V DC /2 A - Sortie 2: 125V AC /
0 - 99 s

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